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June 2021 Newsletter – Click Here

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The Bear Lake Board of Directors sends our condolences to Cory Hayes our park’s electrician and Larry Burton a long time park owner who have recently passed away.

The Board of Directors were able to hire a park host this year, Jeremiah Frost and Katrina Knighton. They are available Friday through Tuesday from 8:00 – 1:00. Wednesday and Thursday are their days off.

The park is in need for volunteers for helping with minor maintenance projects.

We have several new park owners joining our RV Park. We would like to welcome these new owners. We are also experiencing quite a few construction projects for developing new lots. Please be patient with the excavation noise and other excavation projects such as water lines being installed, which means the water will be turned off for several hours during the week days. Again, please be patient.

Please remember before developing your lot, you read through the CC&Rs for information concerning setbacks, shed sizes (no bigger than 144 feet) cement pads, retaining walls etc. You must submit an architectural request and receive Board Approval (found on AppFolio) before performing work on your lot. You must have a county permit for water hookups before hooking up to the park’s water system.

We are excited that we have the new Architectural and Governance Committees up and running this year. These committees consist of park owners who are volunteering for assisting the BOD for issues and other items in our park. We would like to thank these volunteers.

We would like to thank Ray Williams who was our Member at Large. Ray has decided to resign from this position. The By Laws state that if there is a vacancy in the board, the person who during the election had the next highest votes can be asked to fill in for this vacancy. Since three members ran with three openings last year this is not possible. Henry Hanft who held this position previously has volunteered to hold this position until the Annual Meeting.

The park’s John Deere tractor is for park use only. It has been reported that park owners have been using the tractor for their own personal usage without the Board’s consent or knowledge. This is not allowed.

Even with park hosts cleaning and supplying the restrooms, we are all responsible for the care of the restrooms. Park owners and their guest need to pick up after themselves. If the garbage is full, a person can smash down the overflow of paper towels by placing a foot inside the garbage can and pushing the paper down. If the garbage can is full you can take the garbage can and dump it into the larger can outside of the restrooms. NO brushing teeth, shaving, or any type of self-hygiene can be performed in the restrooms. That is what your self-contained trailer is for. Your guest are to perform these tasks in a trailer not in the restrooms. The restroom tanks are small and fill up very quickly if self-hygiene is performed in the restrooms.

One of the biggest concerns the park is dealing with is adults (vehicles and ATV’s) and children (ATVs and motorcycles) speeding throughout the park. The speed limit is 10 miles an hour. Going faster than the 10 miles an hour creates dust, damages the road and endangers humans and the wildlife. A speed bump has been placed on the south hill on Bear Lake Lane. Please remind your family and guests to obey the park’s 10 mile an hour speed limit.

The Board is working to install the two transformers. Bids will be posted for the electrical work in the park.

The Mag chemical for the roads will be put down on July 7th which is a Wednesday. Please no large trucks or equipment or heavy traffic on the road following the application Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

Please remember that your dog/dogs are to be kept on a leash when off your property. Please remember to pick up after your dog does its business. Remember, do not put dog poop in the garbage cans by the restrooms. Please be a responsible pet owner.

Quiet hours are from 11:00 pm through 7:00 am.

Just a reminder for turning off your AC, water heater and the water into your trailers before you leave to go home.

The committees are looking into updating the CC&Rs and By-Laws. Several items require a better description and several items are out dated such as trailer sizes.

The current CC&Rs, By-Laws and New Members packet are found on the Bear Lake web page; or

Have a wonderful season at the park.


Board of Directors; Bruce Burdick, Stacey Williams, Henry Hanft, Luanne Porter and Debi Hunt


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