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June 2021 – Minutes – Click Here

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Bear Lake RV Park Property Owners Association Inc.

Board of Directors Minutes

June 5, 2021

Time: 9:05

Place: Cabin

Attendance: Bruce, Stacey, Luanne, and Debi

Call to order: by Bruce and second by Luanne. The motion carried.

Approval for Minutes: The April 13, 2021 BOD minutes as written were approved April 17, 2021 by Bruce second by Stacey. The Motion Carried.


Resolution: Debi found the resolutions in the file cabinet on Friday June 4, 2021. The Resolutions have been missing for over a year.

     The BOD went over the Resolutions and there were a few Resolutions that are currently on the Bear Lake Website that were not signed properly and are not valid. The new committees will look into revising these Resolutions.

Appfolio: The BOD are concerned that once a lot owner’s work request has been approved by three BOD members, this request approval is not being sent to the property owner.

     Before an application request is approved, the BOD would like to have two Board members go out to the lot and visually view the request. Several request have exceeded the request the owner submitted.

Extra Guest: Lot owners are inviting friends and guest that exceed the amount of trailers that can be placed on one lot along with tents. This is placing a strain on our infrastructure. We are having to pump the restrooms and main tank more. The garbage containers are over flowing. Our current power source is old and is being overloaded. The cost is going up which affects all the owners in the park.

   The park has looked into this problem and a Resolution in 2011 was drafted for creating what a large group would consist of, but was never approved. This Resolution can be revised to meet the current difficulties we are now addressing.

     Another idea was for installing a camera so we can document the trailers that are coming into the park. Also, it may be time for hiring a park manager to help manage all the new issues the park is experiencing due to the rapid growth we are now experiencing.

Park Restrooms: We are all responsible for the care of the restrooms. Park owners and their guest need to pick up after themselves. If the garbage is full, a person can place their foot into the garbage can and smash down the overflow of paper towels. A full garbage inside in the restroom can be taken out and dumped into the larger garbage can outside of the restrooms.  NO, brushing teeth, shaving, or any type of grooming can be done in the restrooms. That is what your self-contained trailer is for. Your guest are to perform these tasks in a trailer not the restrooms.

BOD working together: The Board needs to respect each other and work within our Board for resolving problems.

Electrical: The Board will measure the electrical wire that will be needed for replacing the old wiring. Before the wiring improvements will commence, several bids will be initiated.

    Lot owners will need to be patient when power issues arise. We do not have a park electrician. We are at the mercy for finding an electrician who can fit us into their overwhelming schedule.

Park Compliance issues: We have several concerns with CCR’S violations that the BOD is trying to resolve. The new committees will look into these violations for trying to come up with a way for resolving them.

Committees: the BOD went over a few expectations that the committees will help the Board address. A meeting with the committee members will occur at 1:00.

CC&R’S and By-Laws: the committees will view the current CC&R’S and By-Laws for ideas for bringing them into state and county codes. Along with better definitions that are lacking.

Volunteers: the park is always in need for volunteers to help with park maintenance and other needs.  

Adjourned: Stacey motioned for adjourning the meeting and Debi seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Time: 11:25

Next BOD Meeting: TBA

Place: Cabin

Minutes respectfully submitted by Debi Hunt park secretary


Bear Lake RV Park Property Owners Association Inc.

Board of Directors Minutes

June 12, 2021

Time: 9:17 am

Place: Cabin

Attendance: Bruce, Stacey, Luanne (Zoom), and Debi

Call to order: by Bruce and second by Stacey. The motion carried.



Ray Williams sent his resignation information to Bruce and the Board accepted this resignation. Henry Henft has volunteered to fill in this position as Member at Large until the September Annual Meeting. (Three members ran for the election which had three openings). Henry is very familiar with the parks infrastructure and needs.

Stacey motioned to accept Henry for filling in until the Annual Meeting, and Bruce second the motion. The motion carried.

Bruce will send out a notice for lot owners for this new volunteer position change.

Stacey motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:24 Luanne second the motion. The motion carried.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Debi Hunt park secretary


Bear Lake RV Park Property Owners Association Inc.

Board of Directors Minutes

June 26, 2021

Time: 9:05

Place: Cabin

Attendance: Bruce, Stacey, Luanne, Henry, and Debi

Call to order Bruce called the meeting to order and Stacey second the motion. The motion carried.

Approval for Minutes:


Committees: Melanee Davis and Tami Snyder were present for the beginning of the meeting for discussing park concerns. Discussed duties and responsibilities concerning the park host. Stacey stated that the park hosts is hired from June 1 – September 15.

Melanee is working to create and new park website domain. The current website is due to expire around September. Bruce motioned for Melanee to purchase the new website domain and Luanne second the motion the motion carried. Stacey motioned for accepting the new site name;, and Henry second the motion. The motion carried.

Tami stated that there are several CC&Rs violations throughout the park. The concern is how do we address these violations?

Electrical: Bruce and Stacey are working on getting bids for the electrical work that needs to be performed in the park. This cost will not be cheap. Bids are only good for thirty days due to the cost of material and labor.

Volunteers: Responsibility for the Park do fall on all the lot owners. Lot owners need to step up and help/volunteer for keeping the park clean and weeds trimmed. The park is in need for volunteers for trimming around the transformer, fire hydrants, the sides of the roads, around the restrooms, just to name a few areas that are in need for weed control.

The park is hoping to have a park clean up and maintenance day in which volunteers will help with weed trimming and other minor park maintenance concerns. The cleanup day will be Saturday July 10, 2021 at 9:00. Henry will design a flyer for posting on the park website, AppFolio and placed in the park’s bulletin Board.

Cabin Address: Larry Hunt will look into trying to locate an address for the park cabin.

Treasurers Report: Luanne gave the BODs a handout with park finances. Luanne provided the current budget items and an estimate for future budget items. There are still several owners who are not current with their maintenance fees. A reminder will be sent out again. Park operations have all increased i. e. electrical, garbage, sewage etc.

Luanne has placed a new park map by the restroom wall in the cabin.

Park closing: Once the park has been winterized and closed in October, the water will not be turned back on. No construction in the park will be allowed once the park is closed for the season. Once the park is closed construction in the park can be a huge liability and safety concern. Construction will commence with county/state electrical, plumbing permits and park approval once the park opens in the spring.

Adjourn: Bruce motioned to adjourn and 11:55, Stacey second the motion. The motion carried.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Debi Hunt, park secretary.


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