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September 4, 2021

Voting options for the annual election include proxy mail in, in person before the meeting between 9:00 and 10:00 a.m.

Call to Order – Meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Bruce Burdick. A motion was made by Barbara Berry for opening the meeting and second by Ken Miller. The motion carried.

Establishment of Quorum – 70 plus members present Quorum was established. 

Notice of Meeting: Sent out vie email and park Facebook page.

Approval for the 2020 Minutes: Motion to accept the September 5, 2021 minutes was made by Rick Berry and second by Rick Hunter. The motion carried

Introduction of Election Committee: Bruce introduced the Election Committee Jan and Kreg Davis.

Water Tank Testing: Beginning this year the water tank samples are now required monthly.

Treasurer’s Report: The budget for 2021 and the proposed budget for 2022 were passed out to the members. Luanne Porter went over the budgets with the members. A request was submitted by Dave Yuleberg and second by Chris Fleming for a recap of the 2021 budget.  

Luanne explained that the sewage cost has risen 200% this year. The cost for the power has also risen. The motion for tabling the 2022 proposed budget was made by Bruce Burdick and second by Rick Berry until the spring of 2022. The motion carried. Luanne will continue working off of the 2021 budget for 2022.

Committee Reports

Architectural and Planning Committee: Henry Henft; before performing any improvements on your lot/lots, please fill out the form for New Architectural Review Request found on Appfolio. Lot owners will need board approval before contact Bear Lake County for any needed permit. Water connection permits must be obtained from the State of Idaho which is found in the BLC building in Paris Idaho.

There will be a window for when water connections can occur. Due to the lack of turn off values throughout the park, the BOD will need to set up a time frame for when connections can occur. Once the park’s water supply has been tested and approved for human consumption, and someone connects to the park’s water supply the whole process will need to be repeated for testing. Also, once the roads are graded and the sodium magnesium has been applied, no new water line connections will be allowed. The connection process damages the road.

Nomination Committee: Bruce introduced the committee to the members and thanked them for volunteering.

New Business

New Membership Fee: Increasing the new member’s fee was brought up. Currently the fee is $250.

Park Host: This year’s park host was terminated on July 21. Ravenna Hanft will clean the restrooms for the remainder of the year/season.

Park Gate Code: It was recommended that lot owners who invite friends and family up to the park meet these people at the gate and do not give out the gate code. Too many people are coming back to use the sewage and garbage binds.

New Season Opening: Before the park restrooms are opened, the BOD would like a plumber to go through each restroom looking for leaks or plumbing items that may need to be repaired.

Electrical: Due to a problem that arose this year; ALL electrical work performed in the park must be made by a licensed electrician. The BOD have been trying to find an electrician to come up to the park and repair some pedestals, but have been unsuccessful in finding an electrician who has the time to do so. They are all booked up for the summer.

Plumbing: Several of the plumbing needs will need to be performed by a licensed plumber.

Park Compliance Problems:  Several lot owners are concerned that many improvements on lots are not in compliance with the CC&Rs nor do they apply for a New Architectural Review Request that is found on AppFolio. A possible solution could be for charging a violation fee to these owners. If they refuse to pay, the BOD could place a lien on these lots owners property. The CC&Rs do not have consequences for lot owners who violate the CC&Rs and other park rules. 

CC&R Committee: A new CC&R addendum committee will be organized with Henry Henft as chair.

Electrical Grid: Information for the electrical grid was tabled until further research. An Electrical Grid Committee will be organized with Henry Henft as chair.

DOTBAR: Wi-Fi will be offered throughout the park starting next year. Cameras will be set up by the cabin and the water tank. Individual lot owners will be offered the ability for connecting to DOTBAR. A fee will be charged.  

Memorial Day Weekend: A motion was made by Chris Fleming for holding a meeting in the spring for the proposed budget and electrical grid and second by Ray Williams. The motion carried.

Election Results: New Board of Directors are: Chris Fleming, Henry Henft and Cathy Szumigala.

Adjournment: Bruce Burdick motioned to adjourn the meeting and Debi Hunt second the motion. The motion carried.

Time: 11:45 a m

Minutes respectfully submitted by Debi Hunt park secretary.  


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