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2020 Annual Meeting Minutes – Click Here

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September 5, 2020

Voting options for the annual election include proxy mail in, in person before the meeting between 9:30 and 10:00 a.m.

Call to Order – Meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Bruce Burdick

Establishment of Quorum – 80 plus members present Quorum as established. 

Notice of Meeting: Sent out vie email and USPO mail for member who requesting. Motion for the notice of meeting made by Barbara Berry and second by Terry Davis. The motion carried

Proof of Mailing of Notice: Motion by Stacey Williams and second by Millett

Approval for the 2019 Minutes: Motion to accept the August 31, 2019 minutes was made by Don Miller and second by Barbara Berry. The motion carried

Introduction of Election Committee: Bruce introduced the Election Committee Melanee Davis, Larry Dew and John Poorte.

Treasurer’s Report: The budget for 2020 and the budget for 2021 were passed out to members. Bruce went over the budgets with the members. The motion for accepting the 2021 budget was made by Jan Davis and second by Ray Williams. The motion carried.

Committee Reports:

Maintenance Committee: The tank is paid in full.

Architectural and Planning Committee: Before performing any improvements on your lot/lots, please know where your property lines are. Please fill out a New Architectural Review Request. Once you have the approval from the Board take this permit to the County for a building permit.  Once a architectural and planning committee is established, this committee can communicate vie Zoom for discussing a review request.

Nomination Committee: Bruce introduced the committee to the members and thanked them for volunteering.

Covid-Restroom Committee: Bruce thanked the committee for overseeing the restrooms.

Volunteer Recognition: Bruce thanked the following people for their work in the Park: Humberto Coria, Don Miller, Mike Limantzakis, Rick Robinson, Larry Hunt, Steve Eddy, Bona Miller, Melanee Davis, Mark Brumbaugh and many others who helped out at the park.

New Business:

Water Tank:  Once the water system is winterized the final touches for tuning on the new tank for next season will be completed. The radio transceiver will work on the new tank along with the float. Since the old tanks water tests all passed it was left up and running so the procedure would not have to be repeated with the new tank. The new tank has been tested for possible leaks which none were detected.

Electrical Grid: The Board hired an electrical engineer for assessing our park’s electrical system. Our main lay looks good, the pedestals are outdated and cannot handle more than one trailer hooked up per pedestal. It cannot handle the big trailers with multiple AC’s. When the park was established back in the 70’s, trailers did not come with AC’s. Bruce and Stacey went over the blue print the engineer provided for the Board with and discussed the recommendations.

The park needs to finish the three electrical legs that need to be upgraded. The idea for a new and bigger tractor that can dig trenches would aid in the upgrading for the electrical grid along with other projects that may need to be implemented in the park. The survey that went out earlier demonstrated that owners were even with the purchase and non-purchase. This electrical upgrade would take place over four years, consisting for one section per year.

Rocky mountain power will not perform work in the park. Our electricity/power is owned by the park. Rocky Mountain would put in a new transformer and switch. In doing so they will need a deeded easement for this transformer.

A bid will go out for the work on the electrical grid.

Appfolio: Park information is being sent through appfolio. Bruce will send out another invite to park owners. If you have more than one lot you need to sign in for all your lots. We have been using this app for a month and we are still working out a few bugs. There are no charges when utilizing appfolio for paying maintenance fees.

BOD term limits: Bruce discussed increasing the term of four years for the President and Treasurer. It takes two years to get a good feel for these positions. The extra two years would help with proficiency with these two positions. A motion was made by Don Miller and second by Ray Williams for increasing the President and Treasurers term. The motion carried.

Fire hydrants: The Board has lined up a specialist to come in and check out and do simple service on the fire hydrants. If you have a fire hydrant near your lot, please trim around the hydrant so this work can be accomplished. All fire hydrants need to be visible from the road.  

Tractor: If the park gains approval for the purchase for a new tractor, the company would come out and certify people for its usage. Each certified person will be given a card stating they have been trained for the operation of this tractor. This tractor would be used for park infrastructure use only.

Extra trailers on lots: A lot owner brought up charging extra trailers on a lot. This fee could help pay for the electrical improvements. The Board would like to get a committee together to oversee this request. Out electrical system is old and cannot handle multiple trailers hooked up to the power pedestal. The park has had an ongoing problem with multiple trailers pulling too much power which is seating off the main circuit breaker. Once the breaker is tripped it takes time for the line to cool down enough to reset the breaker.

Volunteers: the park could use more volunteers to assist committees for helping maintain our park.

Building/water permits: as per the By-Laws, any improvement to a lot must have a permit from the building committee along with a County/State permit. Before making improvements for you lot, make sure you know where your property lines are. Appfolio has the request forms.

Dump station signs: We are experiencing outsiders coming into the park and using our dump station. These people claim they have friends or family in the park and they were told they can use the dump station. The dump station is only to be used by members, their family or friends to use when staying in the park.

Park Host: the Board will try and line up a park host. This will all depend on how the Covid virus proceeds for next year. We had two host lined up for this year, however when the Covid outbreak began they decided to opt out.

Proposed By-Laws Changes: Some of the By-Laws wordage is outdated. It was proposed to update the wording to correlate with the County/State.  These changes consist in the last two pages in the park By-Laws. Stacey Williams moved to approve these changes and Melanee Davis second the motion. The motion Carried

Announcement of Election of Officers: Bruce Burdick, Luanne Porter and Ray Williams are our new officers of the Board.

Open Forum: Concerns for speeders and people not picking up after their dogs along with letting dogs run lose. Members would like to create a committee to oversee the speeding issue and the dog issue.

Adjournment: Mike Limantzakis moved to adjourn the meeting and Barbara Berry second the motion. The motion carried

Time: 11:30

Minutes respectfully submitted by Debi Hunt Bear Lake RV Park secretary


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